Top Places In Singapore For Your Pre-Wedding Photography

Here are some of the best places in Singapore you can go to for your prewedding photo shoot. Even if you have lived in Singapore or are very familiar with it, you may only be able to think of the cliche places for your pre-wedding photo shoot. However, you certainly don’t want to go to some generic place that thousands of couples have been to and take the same photographs. You want your wedding photos to turn out unique, special and one of a kind.

Here’s a pre wedding photography studio which takes truly amazing photographs at unique locations in Singapore. As you can see on their page itself, they actually have a wedding photograph taken at Sentosa beach. However, due to the angle which the photographer has taken it from, it looks unique and really special. Although Sentosa Singapore is popular, it’s not as common a place for couples to take their pre-wedding photo shoot if you do not already know this. However, if this is not unique enough for you, try the Bukit Timah railway station. If you navigate to Grandeur’s home page, you will notice a photograph of a couple sitting on the Bukit Timah railway tracks. Doesn’t that look so romantic and unique? 🙂

Now, the above two locations – Sentosa beach and Bukit Timah railway station may feel common to you as pre-wedding photo shoot locations, but it really isn’t. As a person who takes bridal photographs and knows many other wedding photographers like those from Grandeur Wedding Studio or Nat Studios or 36 Frames, you can rest assured that they are less commonly used places than most people think.

Anyhow, if you want to go really unique, try Pulau Ubin. Few couple actually take the time to travel to Pulau Ubin for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Although it can be pretty tough to navigate around Ubin island with the bride’s bridal dress, it is possible. Rent a car from the locals. There are many beautiful quarries and gorgeous out posts on the island for you to have your pre-wedding photo shoot at.

Wedding Photography – Inspiration For Poses

If you’re a wedding photographer or an individual who is getting married soon, you definitely want as much inspiration as possible when it comes to taking wedding images. Sometimes, you might only be able to think of generic and over used poses by people on the Internet or your friends. You want something nice but unique as much as possible when it comes to your wedding photographs.

Check out the above video. It has many great and seldom utilized ideas for your wedding photographs.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the pose where the bride is held on tightly by the groom and she leans back while the groom moves in to kiss her. I think it looks very movie-like and romantic at the same time. I love that pose and I recommend that you try that pose if you have not thought of doing that. (Even in the worst case scenario where you don’t like the resulting photo, all you got to do is to delete it.)

Another great idea from the wedding video is as per 3 minute 13 seconds into the video called the hedge. The groom will stand against a wall or hedge and the bride will then wrap her arms around the groom’s neck and both of them will look directly into the camera. I think this makes for a very romantic looking wedding photograph.

If you want a professional wedding photographer or wedding photography studio to help you take your images, then engage I have seen the bridal photographs they’ve taken and I love them.

Why Partner And Engage Singapore Wedding Photographers?

I strongly recommend that you engage Singapore wedding photography services if you are intending to either:

  • Take your pre-wedding or actual day wedding photo shoot in Singapore (regardless whether you are from Singapore or a foreigner)
  • Intending to have your pre-wedding photography session in the South East Asia region!

First of all, if you’re a foreigner or not familiar with any wedding photography studios or photographers in Singapore at this point in time yet have already decided to come to Singapore for your pre-wedding or AD shoot, you should simply engage a top notch wedding photographer in Singapore instead of flying one over from your home country (wherever that is). This is because it is definitely more economical to engage a local Singapore wedding photography studio – costs like air tickets e.t.c. would not be needed if you are engaging a local one instead of flying a foreign one to Singapore. Additionally, there are lots of talented wedding photographers in Singapore like Yu Hsin from Tiny Dot Photography, as well as powerful and famous Grandeur Wedding Studio.

Second of all, if you’re already intending to have your pre-wedding or actual wedding day in the South East Asia region, then Singapore has GOT to be your choice. Singapore has lots of talented wedding photography studios and single photographers and videographers as mentioned in my previous paragraph. Additionally, Singapore has lots of beautiful city landscapes such as the Central Business District in Raffles Places area as well as rural areas like Tuas and Upper Seletar Reservoir which provides for beautiful backdrops for your wedding imagery or videography.

In short, Singapore offers tons of choices and benefits for couples. Trust me, you will definitely be blown away by the sheer quality of Singapore wedding photography services! (P.S. Singapore also offers lots of good and cheap food!)

What To Note For Pre Wedding Photography Packages In Singapore

Here are some things and information that you want to note down when it comes to pre wedding photography packages in Singapore.

Let us use the examples of some real companies in Singapore so that you can better appreciate the differences between pre-wedding photography packages.

First of all, let us take a look at the pre-wedding package of Tiny Dot Photography (by Yu Hsin). She offers a 5 hour pre or post wedding photo shoot package in Singapore, with the usual edited digital images as well as a flush mount album and gallery wrapped canvas. It costs a hefty $3000. I would say that $3000 for a 5 hour photo shoot is ridiculously expensive! However, after taking a closer look at her package, I realized that it’s really the flush mount album and canvas which adds up to the bulk of the cost. This is because flush mount albums are generally scratch proof, water proof and is extremely hardy. Such wedding flush mount albums are thus extremely durable and couples who can afford it simply love them. I would say that Yu Hsin’s Tiny Dot Photography’s pre-wedding photo shoot package is a little on the pricier end (but still affordable) but comes with a ton of value. My rating? 8/10.

Second of all, let us take a look at 36 Frames (by Ruey Loon). They are located at Keong Saik Rd. Providing both indoor and outdoor photo shoots, 36 Frames offer very affordable rates. Let us check out his pre-wedding package. At 5 hours, it is only $880 (WOW! much cheaper than Yu Hsin). To be honest, I think this is one of the cheapest in Singapore. If you’re price conscious, check them out. Unfortunately, the only thing is that they only return photos in low resolution. I was a little shocked when I learnt of that because I thought all photographers will return photos only in high resolution. It’s quite ridiculous to return all photographs only in low resolution. I’m happy with the prices but ridiculously disappointed that 36 Frames only returns low res images. Anyway, there will also be 30 selected images which would be designed in their signature style. I’m not sure how it would look like but you can check out their portfolio at If nothing matters to you more than saving money, then definitely check out 36 Frames (by Ruey Loon) and get their package.

Third of all, Grandeur wedding studio. They offer a 5 hour as well as 8 hour pre-wedding photography package. In my opinion, the 5 hour one should be more than enough for a pre-wedding photography package. The 8 hour one is quite excessive.. to be honest I don’t know anyone who goes for an 8 hour photo shoot for pre or post wedding. Only AD bridal packages are 8 hours long. Ok, let’s take a closer look at their 5 hour pre-wedding photography package. At only a temporary promotional price of $1150 (usual $1438), they offer all high resolution image (which is good!) in a DVD-ROM (or from what I last heard, Grandeur Wedding Studio can provide you with a thumb drive instead if you do not have a DVD-ROM reader). They also provide 30 images to be re-touched and to go through extensive post-processing… and these 30 images they offer you to print out and give it to you in an optional flush mount album. The flush mount album unfortunately does not come with the normal pre-wedding photography package. You need to purchase extra. (But think about it, even if it costs $1000, it would still save you over $600 by going with Grandeur Wedding Studio rather than Tiny Dot Photography (by Yu Hsin)). Lol! How awesome is that. For just a little bit more than Ruey Loon’s offerings, you’re able to get nearly the same quality of services and products as going with a high end one like Yu Hsin would. Additionally, Grandeur takes pretty cool images, just check out their above link and see their online website portfolio. Truly amazing.

A brief conclusion is that the prices that you pay is generally reflective of the quality and quantity of the things that you’re going to receive in return. Therefore, always make the right decision for you and your fiance (everyone is different, ask yourself and your fiance, not your family or friends). Pick the right pre-wedding photography packages for YOU and your FIANCE. Not for your guests nor your parents nor your friends. Remember this!

Should You Get A Wedding Videographer?

Although it is not yet mainstream, having wedding videography for either your concept pre-wedding shoot or actual day wedding events is certainly an idea that is quickly catching on to the public.

A wedding video can add a lot of value to your wedding photographs. When you only hire one single wedding photographer to help you take wedding photos, especially during the actual day of your wedding, you are essentially restricting your own memories. You are only able to look at stationary scenes if you were to take only wedding images. However, with the right wedding videographer, you would be able to capture truly amazing and live memories of your marriage.

If you have seen a truly amazing wedding video before, you will understand why i simply love and recommend couples to take a wedding video too!

When you capture the words that the bride and the groom (you and your spouse) says to each other (or the reading out of the letters you write to each other), what you will notice is the emotions flowing out of you and your spouse. However, all these cannot be captured through images alone. I do not necessarily recommend you to go for a pre-wedding concept videography session, but for the actual day, a wedding video is pretty necessary if you want fuller memories of your wedding day.

However, make sure you do not simply engage the first person you see who knows how to take a video and edit them together. Being a professional and good wedding videographer is so much more than that. The most important thing is the integration of the background music into the scenes. Just like a good piece of music can bring out the essence of a movie, it can bring out the essence of your wedding video too.

Some popular wedding studios in Singapore

Whether you are a vendor selling wedding-related services or a consumer looking out to buy wedding-related services in Singapore, you will want to know the biggest and most popular wedding studios in Singapore. For vendors, you can either find out more about your competitors or potentially strike a partnership with them. For consumers, we all tend to believe that a bigger and more popular wedding studio is more reliable and professional. So let me introduce to you some of the popular wedding studios in Singapore:

1. Grandeur Wedding Studio
grandeur wedding singapore

Grandeur Wedding Studio houses a formidable in-house team that specializes in wedding photography, videography, gowns, cakes, emcees, and bands. It is most famous for its top class wedding photography and videography services. Not only are the photographers and videographers highly professional and service-oriented, the quality of the physical photo albums is of the highest quality too. Interestingly, Grandeur Wedding Studio works with other quality partners in the wedding industry in these service areas too. It claims that if you are looking for top quality services at the most reasonable price, Grandeur Wedding Studio will be the top choice for you.

2. Rico-A-Mona Boutique
Rico A Mona

Rico-A-Mona Boutique specializes in crafting fine designer bridal gowns and dresses. Using only specially imported luxurious fabrics and materials for their wedding gowns, their inventory includes European designs that range from modern chic to extravagantly embellished. Apart from the large range of wedding gowns at their boutique, they also offer tailor-made wedding gown services for the top class people who demands uniqueness and specialism. It is the right choice for the people who appreciates the finer things in life.

3. Digio Bridal
Digio Bridal

Digio Bridal offers a range of wedding services that include photography, videography, gowns, car rental, and decoration. It houses a team of dedicated professionals, including on-site designers, stylists, bridal consultants and custom fitters. Its main service is its wedding gown rental services with others being complementary.

Wedding Gowns Industry In Singapore

Just like how my previous post talked about the fragmented nature of wedding photographers in Singapore and how I believe it can be strengthened and grow as an industry through consolidation rather than competition, this is quite similar to the wedding gown singapore industry – although the effect is indeed less pronounced. Although there are fewer competitors in wedding gown rental industry due to the somewhat higher start up costs as well as the need for an office space right off the bat due to the need for storage of gowns, there is always still room for partnership.

An example of a mutually beneficial partnership is when a wedding gown rental company in Singapore works with other companies in its parallels – for e.g. wedding photographers and planners. As a wedding photographer myself, I know that I will get many requests asking about provision of dress rentals as well, hence I could actually refer to wedding gown companies many potential customers. When a gown rental company works together with somebody like a wedding photographer, they can potentially refer each other customers for a share in the profits – enabling them to make additional profits from businesses and services they don’t sell themselves. This is a growth in both parties’ income – a mutually beneficial partnership. All these is made possible through synergies achieved through this partnership. On their own, both parties would make less money, and additionally, they would also not be able to profit from other services that their business doesn’t sell. By working together instead of competing with each other, they grow each others’ portion of the profit pie… I don’t know any other way which can grow two businesses in the wedding industry so quickly other than this method.

Instead of immediately writing off partnerships, you should think about it. Of course, there is only so much value in cooperating and sharing customers with your direct competitors… in such a situation, you would be better off crushing them or buying their company. However, for businesses which sell parallel services within the same wedding industry in Singapore, you are much better off in the long-term working with each other rather than to be too proud and stand alone. When there are no synergies, don’t work together. When there are synergies, work together in a partnership with the other company and leverage that as a way for your wedding gown or photography business to grow quickly!

Wedding Photography Partnership

Partnerships are essential to achieve greater things. A single entity can only do so much. I always believe that even if an individual or a single corporate is strong, the person or the corporation can become stronger by forging partnerships with others in the market. This applies to wedding photography as well.

Wedding photography has always been a lonely niche. This is because wedding photographers usually work alone. The wedding photography industry is dominated by individual wedding photographers who tries to improve their own photography skills and promote their wedding photography services. Wedding photographers seldom work in a team. The max that I have seen is wedding photography studio containing a small team of 5 wedding photographers. In other industries such as advertising and banks, it is not surprising to see large corporations containing thousands of employees and as many as 30 people in a team.

Perhaps, you may argue that because wedding photography niche is small, the business will not grow so much and accommodate a big team. I would disagree with this. The wedding photography market, though mainly sells one time services to people, the profit margin is huge. Moreover, multiplying this with the number of prospects which is nearly everyone will give it a sizable market value, reaching billions of dollars a year.

I would say the main factor causing the effect of individualism and small teams in the wedding photography industry is distrust between photographers. Everyone wants to hone their photography skills and are afraid that others are better than them. Photography skill is one of the main factor affecting prospects’ purchase decision. However, things may potentially change if there is an upfront agreement among photographers to form a huge photography studio and shares profits. In this way, knowledge can be shared with each other easily and everyone may benefit from the transfer of knowledge and learning more as compared to working alone or in smaller teams. In that way, wedding photography partnerships may produce a more efficient and effective wedding photography team. Partnerships are powerful, and create advancements in skills and sales without eating into each other’s pie. An example of a wedding photography studio in Singapore which did this successfully and grew quickly is Grandeur Wedding Studio (Address: #02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595 Phone:6681 5798). Always cooperate to become stronger, the market is usually big enough to grow faster into with partnerships, and without eating into each other’s pie. Don’t compete for the sake of competing – it may not be productive. Cooperate to dominate.